• Airbed Q Dh Dura C002

Airbed Q Dh Dura C002


  • Brand: Coleman
  • Product Code: 249862
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  • $57.70

Called the next generation of air beds, the DuraRest Double High Airbed features a polyester laminate to traditional PVC construction. The DuraRest series of airbeds are stronger, lighter and more comforable. The fabric helps prevent material stretching, which helps maintain pressure through the night for better support. Also helps create a soft touch surface for a more comfortable nights sleep.


- Queen Size
- Soft touch, laminated polyester surface for comfort that lasts night after night
- 47% more puncture resistant than standard Coleman Airbeds
- 25% stronger than standard Coleman Airbeds
- Up to 45% lighter than standard Coleman Airbeds
- Double lock valve
- Fits standard size sheet


- Inflated Dimensions: 78x60x15in
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